The History Behind The 'II'

The History Behind The 'II'

Learn More About How Goss' Garage II Came To Be

If you've been to Goss' Garage II, you're likely wondering where the 'II' comes from and where the original Goss' Garage might be. 20 years ago, Anthony Weber came to work for Pat Goss at Goss' Garage in Lanham, MD and began the start of his automotive repair journey.

He learned from working closely with Pat, who is widely known for his show Goss' Garage on the weekly television show MotorWeek. Pat used his knowledge and years of experience to help guide Anthony along the way.

Anthony quickly worked his way up through the shop and found himself as the Service Manager and Lead Shop Foreman. He co-piloted the shop with Pat and together they continued to grow the Goss brand beyond the Lanham-Seabrook reach.

After 10 years of excelling in that position, Anthony found an opportunity to open a second shop just 15 miles east of Pat's shop. The rest is history.

Goss' Garage II opened up in March of 2017. Anthony and Pat have since become business partners and co-operate the Goss' Garage entity. The new garage hosts 5 servicemen in the shop and Anthony runs the operation. You can find Anthony in the shop any given day working alongside everyone and guiding his team the same way Pat guided him for 18 years.